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Many modern brides are choosing not to wear a bridal veil. Opting out can definitely offer a very sleek, chic look but it also means they will miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
It isn't until they try one on at the bridal store (or are heavily persuaded by mom) that they have a change of heart. This is a story I love hearing! Perhaps it's because wearing a bridal veil only happens once and so the bride-to-be doesn't truly feels like a bride until she is wearing the most iconic bridal accessory. I'm so glad Real Bride Amalia was able to find the perfect lace bridal veil and decided to forgo her original no-veil bridal look. Scroll below to read about her Philadelphia City Hall Wedding and to see the gorgeous pictures!
We got married on February 21, 2019 at Philadelphia City Hall, followed by an intimate dinner at a local restaurant. We knew we wanted to do a simple City Hall ceremony and we are lucky to live in a city with a gorgeous City Hall building. We spent the first three years of our relationship long distance with my partner living in Detroit while I was a student in Philadelphia, and he was able to visit pretty much every month throughout that time. We have so many beautiful memories of exploring Philadelphia together during those years and we've always been in awe of the building. Thankfully, we both live here now!
Originally I pictured myself in a very simple, sleek wedding dress without a veil.  However, when I was dress shopping I had a slight change of heart and decided to go with a fuller skirt and more traditional look. My dress consultant had me try on a veil with delicate lace edging, and I immediately fell in love with the concept but wanted a more dramatic look. When I came across The Mantilla Company on Instagram, I saw a photo of a bride wearing the Marisol veil and I knew my search had ended!  It was so much fun to wear such a classic and dramatic look around Philadelphia and to City Hall for our ceremony. I hope to pass on the veil to friends and family looking for their special "something borrowed" or eventually as their "something old!" My veil was my favorite part of my entire look by far! 
We were fortunate to have these photos taken by Grace from
bride putting on veil
bride walking down the hallway
something blue wedding bouquet
wedding shoes jimmy choo
court house wedding
long lace bridal veil
courthouse wedding philadelphia
courthouse wedding philadelphia
courthouse wedding philadelphia
courthouse wedding philadelphia
courthouse wedding philadelphia
courthouse wedding philadelphia
courthouse wedding philadelphia


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