How To Pick The Right Wedding Veil

How To Pick The Right Wedding Veil


After you’ve chosen your dress, it can be challenging to pick the perfect veil! Since your veil will be a prominent accessory during your ceremony and will show up in many of your wedding pictures, it’s important to choose wisely. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you weigh all your options.

The Dress

Before you shop, keep your style of dress in mind. If your dress has prominent embellishments, opt for a veil that is simple. If your dress is simple, you can select one with delicate or unique details. Be sure to also consider the kind of jewelry you want to wear and make sure the embellishments don’t conflict.



Remember the overall style of your wedding as you choose your veil. Long, cathedral style veils suggest a classic, formal wedding, while shorter veils evoke an informal or vintage-inspired wedding.


Despite popular belief, the color of your veil doesn’t have to be an exact match to the color of your dress. True, the color of your veil shouldn’t distract from your wedding dress, but most tulle colors will work well with any color wedding dress.


Consider your hairstyle when you are choosing the length and style of your veil. Not all veils lay nicely with all hairstyles. If you fall in love with a specific veil, you can always plan your hair accordingly. But, when you’ve dreamed about a certain hairstyle you don’t want your veil to conflict. The best way to avoid any hair disaster on your big day is to bring your veil and other hair accessories to your trial hair appointment.

Your Opinion

Remember as you search for the perfect veil, you don’t have to follow all of the rules. Your opinion ultimately is the biggest deciding factor. You know you’ve found the perfect veil when you are satisfied with how your veil looks with your dress and it is exactly what you want to wear on your wedding day!

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