4 Fun Places To Get Married In Mexico

Destination wedding in Mexico- The Mantilla Company Real Bride

In many respects, Mexico is an ideal place for a destination wedding, at least for Americans. It’s not as far as so many paradises people dream of for destination weddings, yet it still offers most of the same benefits: beautiful surroundings, lovely resorts, fun activities for guests, and that special indescribable feeling of just being elsewhere, away from day-to-day stresses, to celebrate the big occasion. But of course, Mexico is a pretty big place, so if the idea appeals you still need to give some thought to a specific destination!

Some of these are definitely worth considering.

1. Tulum 

Tulum is one of the nicer places in Mexico to visit on the Caribbean side. This is largely because it combines natural beauty with historical ruins and resort properties, such that it seems to have a little bit of everything. This means there’s plenty for your guests to do on either end of the wedding, from exploring the famous cenotes, to touring ruins and exploring the jungle, to simply lounging about at a resort - or specifically the resort you choose to have the wedding at! As for the resorts, there are plenty to choose from. Though the Hotel Esencia is particularly outstanding. It’s an oceanside resort that feels somewhat secluded, with wonderful suites and comfortable amenities, but nothing approaching a gaudy or touristy attraction to be found. It also happens to be known as an occasional celebrity getaway, which speaks both to its general quality and to that secluded vibe.

2. Conejos Bay

A lot of the focus on Mexican tourism tends to revolve around the Caribbean coast. But the Pacific side of the country has its gorgeous spots as well, including Conejos Bay. The bay is near the southernmost point of Mexico in the Oaxaca region, and makes for an excellent far-flung place to have your nuptials. The Secrets Huatulco Hotel & Resort is sometimes recommended there, and while ti’s significantly larger and more commercial in nature than Hotel Esencia, it’s still got everything you could possibly need for a wedding, reception, and weekend-long party. Plus, if you’re looking to have a bigger wedding abroad, there’s more than enough space for a large party provided you book a block of rooms in advance.

3. Cancun

Cancun has a reputation as more of a spring break hub, but it happens to still be beautiful and fun during the bulk of time when students aren’t on spring break as well! Furthermore, there’s a ton to do there. There are famous beaches and watersports to enjoy. There are all kinds of places to eat. There’s also a fairly impressive local casino, which a lot of guests might appreciate as a perk of leaving the U.S. Granted there’s always Las Vegas, and poker sites have made their way into New Jersey as well, but for the most part a Cancun casino makes for a nice foreign attraction. Entertainment aside, the area also has its share of incredible resorts, and really you can take your pick for a wedding destination. But the Dreams Riviera is the top choice. It has tons of beach space, tiki-style cabanas all over the place, and even its own gardens, in addition to 400-plus rooms.

4. Banderas Bay

Banderas Bay isn’t known by name to too many people, though you may recognize it in a way in that it’s very close to Puerto Vallarta, which is one of the most famous resort cities in the country. It’s also a little bit of a different look than the Caribbean side of Mexico. While the beaches are still gorgeous, and showcase tremendous variety, cliff-like formations stick out of the sea in places and the Sierra Madres mountains are visible in the distance from some vantage points. Puerto Vallarta has a number of suitable resorts to choose from, but here we’ll highlight Dreams Villamagna, which is ultimately fairly similar to the Dreams resort just noted in Cancun, but for the mountainous backdrop across the bay.

These beautiful images of our Real Bride were captured by destination photographer, Ivan Luckie.

The Mantilla Company Real Bride in Cathedral length lace veil

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Boat Ride to Catholic Ceremony in Cancun Mexico


Groom seeing bride for first time Destination wedding in Mexico

Catholic wedding ceremony in Mexico destination wedding

Mexican Wedding Traditions The Mantilla Company Real Brides

catholic wedding in cancun mexico destination wedding

catholic wedding in cancun mexico destination wedding

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destination wedding in mexico

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