vintage style mantilla veil with blusher elbow length

You may have noticed a range of new mantilla veils on the site! For the past few months, I have been putting together a collection of bridal and couples mantilla veils inspired by the special requests I've received by many of my past brides. The new Spring/Summer 2017 collection is all about bringing a modern twist to the traditional, classic design of a Spanish mantilla veil.

Like our previous collections, there is no shortage of sophistication, elegance and exquisite Spanish craftsmanship. The modern detailing will still serve brides seeking vintage and traditional lace veils while brides seeking a modern approach to the traditionally classic piece will equally find appreciation for the new collection.

Mantilla Veils

The Carina mantilla veil offers 2 complimentary lace styles. The lace on the top and bottom of the veil has branch-like details that cascade beautifully down the back of the head and up the bottom back of the veil. Our new Gabby mantilla is made from a truly one-of-a-kind lace! The length is perfect for brides who would like a long veil with some train without the dramatic length of a cathedral veil. The 2017 collection also boasts half-lace veils, available in two different lace styles, that are truly stunning! They look gorgeous with a drop-veil blusher and very modern yet classic without a blusher. Lastly, if you wish to have our soft, signature Spanish tulle without the lace edge, we now offer raw edge veils. Like the half-lace veils, the look can completely transform depending on whether you select a blusher or not. They are available in ivory, blush and gray too!

Mantilla veil with blusher cathedral veil

ivory cathedral length lace veil

wide lace mantilla veil

half-lace cathedral length mantilla veil

Mantilla Veils for Couples

The photography for the bride and groom mantilla veils is almost complete! They are perfect for draping over the couple during the ceremony. Although they are not up on the site, you can still view the offering by inquiring here. Below you will find a preview from the photo shoot!

couples mantilla veil

bride and groom mantilla

ceremony mantilla for bride and groom

As with all of the veils at The Mantilla Company, these mantillas can be made with a blusher or without a blusher. Most can also be customized to the length of your preference. You're wedding day is one of life's most special occasions and you should be offered options that are tailored to you. I am always inspired by brides who appreciate the unique, special nature of an authentic, Spanish mantilla veil so keep those special requests coming! I hope you love the new collection as much as I've enjoyed creating it!   

These images were taken by the talented Cleveland-based photographer, Frank Graziano Photography.

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