Vibrant New Orleans French Quarter Wedding

french quarter wedding in new orleans courtyard wedding

Filled with color, romance, history and a great party, this wedding, like its host city, is full of personality! Real Bride Jena and her groom threw a fun wedding that captured the vibrancy of the city of New Orleans. Staying true to the unique vibe of the city, their ceremony and reception took place in the world-famous French Quarter in an authentic NOLA courtyard.

Besides the couple's amazing wedding, we love how Jena opted for a sustainable, sleek, long sleeve dress. The Rosita fingertip length mantilla veil paired perfectly with it and really completed her bridal look! Here’s more from Jena about her big day:

"We got married on a Wednesday at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. We're not very traditional people and that's why our venue was so perfect! For us, nothing could have been cooler than saying, "I Do," surrounded by old apothecary bottles, tinctures and voodoo potions. On top of being just a super fun and funky spot, the Pharmacy Museum also has the most beautiful courtyard. Tucked away and hidden from the rest of the busy French Quarter, it was truly such a romantic and magical place to get married.

For the wedding I chose to wear a dress from Reformation. This company is amazing as they are all about being eco-conscious and sustainable. Most of their clothes are made using dead stock fabrics which help to eliminate some serious waste in the fashion industry. Aside from being environmentally friendly, they also make some pretty killer clothes.

The number of compliments I got on my veil was insane! Walking to our venue I had people gasping and yelling to me from across the street about how incredible it was. I'm actually really sad that since the wedding is over I now have no reason to wear it. It truly completed my bridal look and I am so happy I decided to go with the Mantilla Company. It's such a beautiful work of art and was definitely one of the major highlights of our day."

 colorful new orleans french quarter wedding

bride getting ready sleek wedding dress and mantilla veil

courtyard wedding ceremony in NOLA

mantilla veil with non lace dress

retro poloriod pictures at wedding

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