How to Know if a Fingertip Veil is the Right Choice

mantilla style fingertip length veil with blusher

With so many options, selecting the right veil length can feel overwhelming and confusing. How do you make the right choice between a shorter and longer length veil? Here at The Mantilla Company, we carry the popular fintertip length. As the name suggests, the length falls at the bride's fingertips. There are certain considerations that will help you determine if a fingertip veil is the right choice for you.


While longer veils tend to be more traditional and formal, a fingertip veil offers style versatility and will compliment the likes of a formal to even the most casual looks. If you're looking for an informal or retro edge to your bridal look, the fingertip length is certainly the best option for you.


A fingertip veil is a great choice for an outdoor wedding. Your photographer will capture better photos if strong wind gusts occur. Longer veils will be more difficult to keep tame. Also, fingertip veils will not drag and catch on branches, get muddy or wet. There will be no need to clean your veil after it is worn and the risk of damaging it will be very low.


One of the most important factors to consider is your comfort. You will have much more flexibility in a fingertip length veil when it comes to mobility. Long veils require extra precautions and will need to be removed for dancing. If you want to dance in your veil and wear it all night long, a fingertip length is the perfect choice for you!

If you are considering a cathedral length veil, be sure to ask yourself these 3 questions. Still can't decide between a long or short veil? Contact us here and we'd be happy to help!

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