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Any bride looking for inspiration for a winter wedding is in for a treat! When Real Bride Sarah sent me photos of her wedding day, I was absolutely in love! Every detail of her wedding exuded classic and elegant! Cranberry reds and Christmas trees sprinkled throughout added a layer of warmth to create the perfect backdrop to her New Year's Day wedding in New England!

Sarah completed her bridal look with the Gabby mantilla veil in fingertip length. It was the perfect compliment to her stunning satin A-line wedding gown. Her wedding story and gorgeous photos are below!

All photos were taken by the talented Boston-based photographer, Leona Campbell Photography.

"My husband and I both knew that we wanted a wedding steeped in tradition and timelessness; that's just the kind of people we are and a sense of history is important to us. We wanted to get married halfway between both of our family homes, and when we were looking for venues, Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, MA just blew us both away immediately. It looked like a perfect fairy tale cottage blown up to a big enough size to accommodate our wedding. Since our home church that we attend was too far away to be a possible ceremony location, we looked for the nearest Episcopal church to our reception venue and lo and behold, we found Ascension Memorial Church in Ipswich, MA. The dark wooden beams, vaulted ceilings, and rich colors were a perfect match to the same construction and style as Willowdale Estate. We loved the warmth and elegance that both our ceremony and reception venues radiated and we wanted to provide an intimate, sumptuous experience for our guests by hosting them with an eye to detail and an abundance of delicious food and drink.
When we chose our attire, we made sure to reflect our personalities and pick what most flattered us, but we also wanted to echo that same timeless quality. My husband chose a dark blue plaid tuxedo jacket with traditional black tuxedo pants from Brooks Brothers, while I went with an opulent Anne Barge silk ballgown. My veil was my most important accessory, and I knew that with all that fabric in my skirt, I wanted a fingertip length lace mantilla that would complement my gown and bring out its romance while balancing its grandeur. My mantilla was a perfect match, thanks to Gloria's guidance! I received SO many compliments on both my gown and veil and now that I look at our pictures, I love that they are so classic- they could be from 2017 or 1717.

Thank you again for helping to make our special day so special- I wouldn't have felt half as lovely without my gorgeous mantilla!"

bride putting on mantilla veil

christmas bridal portrait

cathedral winter wedding

bride and groom recieving blessing

bride and groom say i do

bride in fur coat- new year's day wedding ideas for a new england wedding- Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, MA- bride in mantilla veil from the mantilla company

bride and groom walking down the stairs to reception

bride and grooms first dance

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