cathedral veil outdoor wedding is right for you

No accessory is more suited for a bride than the wedding veil. It commands attention to the bride as she walks down the aisle and also enhances her wedding gown with complimentary embellishments like beading or lace. With so many length and shape options, choosing the right veil goes beyond simply deciding to wear one or not. Different types can completely transform your wedding day look.

At The Mantilla Company, we love the look of a cathedral length veil and offer a vast selection of them! The look feels traditional, romantic and so dramatic. To help you decide if a cathedral veil is right for your wedding day, below are three questions to ask yourself.

Will you have a long walk down the aisle?

If your wedding venue has a sizable aisle or walkway, wow your guests with a memorable entrance. A cathedral length veil is usually 118"-165" long and extends beyond the bride's gown. Whether your ceremony will be outdoors or in a traditional church, the long length will lend itself to your venue.

Will you have a fitted dress?

Voluminous ball gowns are suitable for a cathedral veil but for an absolutely exquisite sight, fitted silhouettes like a mermaid or trumpet dress is the best fit. These figure flattering styles are particularly favorable for a cathedral mantilla style veil. The veil will gracefully drape behind you, creating a halo to highlight you and your dress.

Do you want to look timeless?

Birdcage and bubble veils have recently made a comeback, but one veil that is always on trend is the cathedral veil. Recently featured in celebrity weddings, this gorgeous length is sophisticated, romantic and elegant; all timeless qualities that will make your bridal look stand the test of time.

Love the look of a cathedral veil? Browse our selection of cathedral veils to find a style that's right for your wedding day.

cathedral length veil outdoor ceremony cathedral length veil couples photo cathedral length veil ivory lace
cathedral veil outdoor wedding is right for you

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