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Now that the invitations are sent and the menu is set, the next step in planning the bridal shower is figuring out how to keep everyone entertained. Pleasing a group of all-ages and encouraging guests to mingle can seem like a daunting task! Although not a requirement, bridal shower games are the perfect icebreaker to get everyone socializing. You may have played your fair share of cliche games in the past, but these bridal shower games are fresh, fun and your guests will love them!

How Old Were They

How to play: Set up pictures of the bride and groom around the room at different ages in their lives. Hand out a sheet of paper to each guest as they arrive and as they mingle, have them write down their guesses of how old the bride/groom was in each picture. Give a prize to the person who guesses the most correctly.

Guess the Groom

How to play: This game is perfect for a co-ed shower! Blind fold the bride and have her take turns touching the face, hands, feet, arms or chest of each of the men and see if she can guess her groom! This game doesn't have to have a winner but you can give out a prize to the man if the bride guesses wrong. So what do you give as a gift to a man at a bridal shower? A case of beer or bottle of liquor!

Who am I?

How to play: Each guest anonymously writes a personal memory they had with the bride on a piece of paper. The bride then tries to guess who wrote the memory. If the bride guesses wrong, the guest wins a prize!

Purse Raid

How to play: Make a list of typical things that can be found in a purse. Start off with standard items like lipstick, keys, and sunglasses. Work your way up to more random objects like paint chip samples, dog treats, or DVDs. Call out the items from the list and give 1 point for the standard items and more points for the random items. The person with the highest number of points wins a prize. You can play this with individuals or teams.

Couple's Quiz

How to play: Create a quiz to test your guests' knowledge of the couple. Ask questions such as where the couple met, went on their first date, got engaged, etc. Read the answers out loud and the person with the most answers correct wins a prize.

Taste the Cake

How to play: This is a game everyone is sure to enjoy. You get to eat cake and guess the flavor! Set up a table with bite size cake pieces or mini cupcakes. Blind fold each guest and have a host guide them down the table to write down their flavor guess. Whoever guesses the most right, wins!

As you can see, we've skipped the cliche bridal shower bingo and showed you fresh game ideas that your guests are sure to love! If you have any questions, just send over a quick inquiry here or if you know someone looking for bridal shower game ideas, share this with them. xo, gloria

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