Bridal Shower Games Your Guests Will Love

{source}   Now that the invitations are sent and the menu is set, the next step in planning the bridal shower is figuring out how to keep everyone entertained. Pleasing a group of all-ages and encouraging guests to mingle can seem like a daunting task! Although not a requirement, bridal shower games are the perfect icebreaker to get everyone socializing. You may have played your fair share of cliche games in the past, but these bridal shower games are fresh, fun and your guests will love them! How Old Were They How to play: Set up pictures of the bride and groom around the room at different ages in their lives. Hand out a sheet of paper to each guest...

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5 Camera Phone Share-worthy Enagement Ring Photos

    Getting engaged is one of the most amazing moments in your life and announcing it to your friends and family is part of the fun! Here are 5 great, easy-to-shoot photos (plus 1 Bonus photo) you can take right from your camera phone to break the news in style. The secret to these super easy snaps is to work with your surroundings. That means using your chic outfit or cute manicure as a backdrop and just letting your ring take center stage. Once you've got the perfect image, drop a photo filter on it and share away, enjoy! xo, Gloria bonus photo This picture may take a few tries but is well worth the time! catch up with...

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Wedding Professional Photography in Melbourne, Australia

I love meeting and connecting with other professionals in the wedding industry. It's such a great feeling knowing there are like minded business owners who will be there for project collaborations and most importantly, support! Even though my company is based in Cleveland, Ohio, I've managed to cross paths with a very talented Australian photographer, Amber Johnson Photography. Amber is a Melbourne based photographer who possesses a Bachelor of Photography and has worked for top commercial and wedding photographers in NYC! She now runs her own photography business and specializes in capturing authentic, candid moments at every celebration. Her work has also been published in several wedding magazines which explains why her wedding photography has a distinct lifestyle and editorial...

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