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A Picturesque New Zealand Wedding

New Zealand's remarkable views offer plenty of scenic backdrops for your wedding day. That's an unmistakable fact as you can see from Real Bride Harriet's picturesque New Zealand wedding. Lush rolling hills and the water's edge with mountains in the distance; vintage cars and their sweet daughter donning a floral wreath crown, everything about her wedding just felt natural yet perfectly stylized. Harriet's big day was surrounded by nature's beauty and a family's love. Here is what she had to say about her special day:  "David and I were married on the 25 March at a place called Waimarama Beach, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. My grandparents had a family home at the beach and we were married on the front lawn. They passed way 3...

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How to use emerald for a winter wedding

  1. wedding invitations 2. emerald bridesmaid dress 3. boxwood wreath 4. 5. wedding cake 6. emerald barware Last holiday season, it seems like we were all seeing red when it came to winter weddings. This year, I think emerald green is making a comeback in a big way! This stylish mood board, Emerald Winter Wedding, showcases shades of emerald against rustic elements that are absolutely chic when paired with shimmering golds and brass. The best part about incorporating emerald into your wedding is that it's a cinch! Make green leaves pop in your bridal bouquet when you use flowers in soft shades such as white and ivory. Use real succulents to decorate your cake and impress your thirsty guests...

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Bridal Shower Games Your Guests Will Love

{source}   Now that the invitations are sent and the menu is set, the next step in planning the bridal shower is figuring out how to keep everyone entertained. Pleasing a group of all-ages and encouraging guests to mingle can seem like a daunting task! Although not a requirement, bridal shower games are the perfect icebreaker to get everyone socializing. You may have played your fair share of cliche games in the past, but these bridal shower games are fresh, fun and your guests will love them! How Old Were They How to play: Set up pictures of the bride and groom around the room at different ages in their lives. Hand out a sheet of paper to each guest...

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