4 Fun Places To Get Married In Mexico

In many respects, Mexico is an ideal place for a destination wedding, at least for Americans. It’s not as far as so many paradises people dream of for destination weddings, yet it still offers most of the same benefits: beautiful surroundings, lovely resorts, fun activities for guests, and that special indescribable feeling of just being elsewhere, away from day-to-day stresses, to celebrate the big occasion. But of course, Mexico is a pretty big place, so if the idea appeals you still need to give some thought to a specific destination! Some of these are definitely worth considering. 1. Tulum  Tulum is one of the nicer places in Mexico to visit on the Caribbean side. This is largely because it combines...

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A Picturesque New Zealand Wedding

New Zealand's remarkable views offer plenty of scenic backdrops for your wedding day. That's an unmistakable fact as you can see from Real Bride Harriet's picturesque New Zealand wedding. Lush rolling hills and the water's edge with mountains in the distance; vintage cars and their sweet daughter donning a floral wreath crown, everything about her wedding just felt natural yet perfectly stylized. Harriet's big day was surrounded by nature's beauty and a family's love. Here is what she had to say about her special day:  "David and I were married on the 25 March at a place called Waimarama Beach, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. My grandparents had a family home at the beach and we were married on the front lawn. They passed way 3...

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