How to Care for Your Veil Before and After the Wedding

caring for your bridal veil

The wedding veil has always been the most iconic bridal accessory. The moment when the veil is put on is the exact moment when the bride truly embodies her special role for the extraordinary day.

Just like the wedding gown, the veil too must be well looked after to ensure that it is in perfect shape for the walk down the aisle. Once your veil is delivered, taking care of it is important to avoid any unfortunate stains or stubborn crease marks that can dampen any bride’s glorious moment.


Prep Instructions Before the Wedding:

When your veil arrives in the mail, try it on with your dress to ensure it is the look that you envisioned. Once you've established that you love how your gown and veil compliment each other, it is time to care for your veil. For shorter veils, fold the comb side over the hanger and allow the entire body of the veil to loosely suspend. You can hold the veil in place with padded clothespins. For longer veils, fold the body lengthwise 2 to 3 times while straightening out the wrinkles and creases. Slip the veil into a hanger and fold it crosswise, still smoothing out any wrinkles.

Once you have properly hung your veil, place it in a protective storage bag to shield it from entangling with buttons, scarves, or other bulky items inside the closet.

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Day Before/Day of Wedding Prep Instructions:

A couple of days before the wedding day, take the veil out to prep it for the big day! Unfold the long veil to let all the wrinkles release. For stubborn wrinkles and creases, use a steamer to gently straighten it out. For the day of, hang the veil (by folding the comb side over the hanger and holding it in place with padded clothespins) on a high rod or door and allow for the entire veil to hang without any folds. If your veil has a blusher, hang the veil by clipping the comb upside down as shown in the picture below.

preping your veil for the day of the wedding


Preserving Your Veil:

When all the I do’s have been said, storing your veil in a pH neutral environment is essential to prevent it from yellowing. Acid-free boxes or sleeves can be purchased to preserve the veil’s original shape and color; perfect for being handed down to the next generation of brides-to-be in your newly formed family!

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