3 Reasons a Bride Should Wear a Blusher Veil



A blusher veil is a classic wedding accessory. It is the smaller portion of the veil that is worn over the face as the bride walks down the aisle and/or during the ceremony. It is designed to be lifted and flipped back to reveal the bride’s face either when the father “gives away” the bride to the groom or at the end of the ceremony when the bride and groom kiss.


If you have been debating whether or not to wear a blusher, here are three good reasons to include it on your wedding day.

1) The Photos

Dreamy pictures of the bride walking down the aisle with her face veiled are so ethereal and highly sought-after. Equally beautiful is the very sweet and touching moment of the father lifting the blusher as he gives his daughter away or the groom lifting the blusher to kiss his bride for the first time. These precious memories are ones that makes for beautiful photographs.

2) The Romance

Whether you choose to have your father lift the blusher or wait to let the groom lift the blusher at the end of the ceremony, revealing your face can be very special and romantic. Even if you have already seen each other throughout the day there is something magical about that moment, as though you are seeing each other for the first time!

3) The Once in a Lifetime

There will most likely be no other event in your life when you will get to wear a blusher or veil. Your wedding day is the perfect occasion to seize this once in a lifetime opportunity! Make your day extra special by wearing a blusher.

At The Mantilla Company, we carry a lot of short and cathedral length lace veils that come with blushers! Nothing says, "Here comes the bride" quite like a wedding veil and the blusher is a lovely and timeless tradition that will make your wedding day special. I'd love to know what your plans are! Will you be wearing a blusher? When during the ceremony will you lift it? Leave a comment below! xo, Gloria


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