New Elbow Length Mantillas

I am so happy to announce that the new elbow length mantillas are in! These two new styles feature the beautiful French Alencon and Scallop laces that you love! The scalloped lace veil is adorned with small rosettes and incorporates a small delicate pearl. The brides' choice, French Alencon short veil includes a blusher that can be worn as you walk down the aisle or pulled back to create a 2-tier veil. The best part, is that both styles are only $199! Here is your first look at the new shorter mantillas. Click here to start shopping! xo, gloria

short-mantilla-veil-cleveland short-mantilla-veil-cleveland french-veil-2 short-mantilla-veil-clevelandshort-mantilla-veil-cleveland short-mantilla-veil-cleveland short-mantilla-veil-cleveland short-mantilla-veil-cleveland

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