Are mantillas only for religious ceremonies?

truth about wearing mantillas to a non religous ceremony

We get asked this question all the time: are mantilla veils only appropriate for religious ceremonies? The answer is, absolutely not! Although mantillas are a popular veil choice for Catholic ceremonies, they are a desired look for anyone bride seeking a timeless, lasting impression. Another FAQ we get from brides-to-be is whether a mantilla veil is fitting for a causal ceremony. A mantilla has a simple silhouette that is suitable for any formal or non-formal occasion. We have seen these beautiful lace veils at beach weddings, backyard weddings and barn weddings. Our philosophy is this: if it looks good with your dress, and you love the way you look and feel in it, wear it! We love mantilla wedding veils because they exude a timeless quality that is elegant and sophisticated. This means no looking back 20 years from now and thinking, "What was I thinking?". You will forever be a timeless beauty in all your wedding photographs. To help illustrate our point, we've sourced the web for a few non-traditional nuptials. As you can see, mantillas are a beautiful veil that for any wedding regardless of its formality.


napa wedding with mantilla {source}mantilla at outdoor wedding {source}mantilla at tropical outdoor wedding {source}backyard wedding with mantilla {source}


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