Wedding Photo booth Ideas

Photo booths provide style and personality for your wedding. Not to mention, they will leave you and your guests with fantastic memories of your big day! They are a great way to get your guests mingling. If you are taking a hands-off approach to your wedding, there will be plenty of talented photo booth vendors to choose from in your local area. There will be an array of options such as traditional photo booths and more unique styles like a vintage van! If your wedding is a DIY all the way or if you prefer some do some things yourself, here are two ideas to create your own wedding photo booth experience!

The Simple Approach:

Both of these photobooth ideas require two things: a backdrop and a camera on a tripod. Create a simple backdrop by hanging a decorative piece of fabric to a wall. For outdoor weddings, hang the cloth from a clothing line or a stand like this one. You could also drape a banner, ribbons, twinkle lights (these are great!) or affix decals to a wall.

The More Labored Approach:

You will need a hammer and drill for this type of backdrop. It requires a little more elbow grease than the first approach. With the proper tools, you can create a wood backdrop with photo frame cut outs. Paint or glue wallpaper to the wood board then place decorative frames around the cut outs. This whimsical look is sure to get you and your guests posing for creative and fun pictures! You can also bring in furniture pieces or pitch a canopy tent to create a full photobooth environment.

Things to also consider:

No photobooth is complete without the props! Consider also using hats, photo frames and small blackboards found around your home or at the thrift store. The more quirky the props, the better the photos! A digital camera will do just the trick to capture all the fabulous moments in the photobooth but a Polaroid camera will not only add an extra element to your guests' experience but also add another layer of charm to a vintage-inspired wedding. Lastly, make sure all your guests make an appearance in the photobooth by having a cute sign pointing them in the right direction!


vintage van photo booth for wedding
{source} Example of what a photo booth vendor can do for your wedding!

{source} simple fabric banner that can be draped over a frame.


{source} A photo booth like this will double as a romantic backdrop for the ceremony.


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