Check out these tips that will guide you to making the right style choices for your big day!


Choose a style that is low, soft, and/or flowing. Low side buns, soft curls or half-up styles are all fabulous choices!


Choose from 3 options: the top, crown or lower back of the head.

• Image 1- Frame your face and show off your lace veil by placing the mantilla 2-4 inches back from the hairline.

• Image 2- For a modern approach, place the mantilla at the crown of the head. (This placement is also ideal for a mantilla with a blusher.)

• Image 3- Lastly, you can wear the mantilla at the lower back of the head to create a look that is truly renaissance and romantic!


When deciding on a dress, any fabric will do. The important thing to consider is silhouette. Choose a dress that is fitted, elongating and gives you shape.




can’t wait to get my samples in the mail, such a neat idea. appreciate it very much Gloria!!!
such a beautiful selection of mantillas , may God bless you for this beautiful, meaningful and productive business you are running <3

anicia on Jan 18, 2018

Hi Anita!

Thanks for your question. All of our veils come with an attached comb.

Gloria on Jun 19, 2017

How do you attatch the mantilla veil to your hair without a comb? There is no mention of this.

ANITA on May 18, 2017

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