The Ultimate Mantilla Style Guide

Check out these tips that will guide you to making the right style choices for your big day!


Choose a style that is low, soft, and/or flowing. Low side buns, soft curls or half-up styles are all fabulous choices!


Choose from 3 options: the top, crown or lower back of the head.

• Image 1- Frame your face and show off your lace veil by placing the mantilla 2-4 inches back from the hairline.

• Image 2- For a modern approach, place the mantilla at the crown of the head. (This placement is also ideal for a mantilla with a blusher.)

• Image 3- Lastly, you can wear the mantilla at the lower back of the head to create a look that is truly renaissance and romantic!


When deciding on a dress, any fabric will do. The important thing to consider is silhouette. Choose a dress that is fitted, elongating and gives you shape.




  • anicia

    can’t wait to get my samples in the mail, such a neat idea. appreciate it very much Gloria!!!
    such a beautiful selection of mantillas , may God bless you for this beautiful, meaningful and productive business you are running <3

  • Gloria

    Hi Anita!

    Thanks for your question. All of our veils come with an attached comb.


    How do you attatch the mantilla veil to your hair without a comb? There is no mention of this.

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