6 Wedding Chandelier Ideas that are Dreamy

Fresh Chandelier with Fern and Candles

It's true what they say about your wedding; it will be one of the most wonderful days of your life! If your wedding dreams include imaginative or luxurious chandeliers, you're in the right place! I've scoured the web for pictures of wedding chandelier ideas that are truly dreamy! Will any of these stunning designs compliment your wedding day décor?

Botanical Chandeliers

This beautiful chandelier idea shines all on its own. There are no lights needed which makes it perfect for outdoor ceremonies, high ceilings, or other places that may be difficult to wire electricity.

Floral Greenery Chandeliers with White Roses

Glowing Lanterns

If you’re having a rustic or antique style wedding, lanterns are absolutely perfect for your special day! Lanterns can cast a beautiful glow, create a stunning affect during a vow exchange.

Wedding Lanterns for Vow Exchange

Glass Votives

A chic, minimalist take on lanterns can be achieved by suspending glass globes. Hang them at different heights and mix with single flowers and candles.

Glass globes for weddings minimal style

Twinkle and Blooms

Create a showstopping focal point by adding lush flowers and greens to the base of an existing chandelier at your venue.

Vintage chandelier with flowers for wedding day

Mixed Materials

Nothing exudes boho quite like ivory lace, macrame, and wood hoops. Think dream catchers, shells, fern and beading. Mixing natural elements to create a unique DIY focal point.

Boho Chic chandelier for weddingDreamcatcher boho chic wedding inspiration

Dramatic Illumination

Lastly, what could be more perfect than chandelier? More chandeliers! Multiple chandeliers add a dramatic luminosity to any over-sized space.

multiple chandelier on dance floor

When it comes to lighting your wedding, there are many of styles to choose from. Chandeliers create a wow-factor that will impress your guests and leave you with stunning photographs from your special day.


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