3 Wedding Planning Tips for the Multicultural Couple




Today's wedding advice comes from California Wedding Planner, Melissa dos Prazeres-Silva of Prazeres Events. Born and raised in Dubai, it's easy to see why this talented wedding planner's specialty is throwing multicultural weddings. Multicultural couples may find themselves overwhelmed when deciding which cultural aspects to include in their wedding. Below are Melissa's 3 essential wedding tips for the multicultural couple:

Couples that come from different cultures can celebrate their love in more than one way - whether you're planning one blended wedding or two completely separate weddings, here are some tips that every bride and groom need to keep in mind while planning their multicultural wedding:

1) Communicate Early & Clearly

Before letting the families weigh in, the bride and groom must establish one simple ground rule - together, they will be the final decision makers on which elements of each culture they will incorporate into their wedding. Prioritize your list of traditions/customs and decide which stay and go. It's so beautiful to see traditions passed down, keeping cultures alive; but to avoid conflict, confusion or even complete parental takeover, clear communication is necessary.

2) Make it your own

Most cultural wedding traditions & customs are ritualistic practices that have been done by many for hundreds of years; however, implementing them does not mean your wedding has to look like everyone else's; nor does it have to be a costume-themed party. From selecting your venue(s), decor, or even creating a custom fusion menu, the options are endless to make your wedding reflective of who you both are. Some cultures (for example, the Indian) can be richer in ritualistic wedding practices than others - don't forget to include aspects of BOTH sides if you decide to have a blended wedding. Personally, I also love when couples add their own twist to an old tradition/custom.

3) Stay organized and hire professionals

Regardless if you are the 'Type A super-planner' or 'procrastinator relaxed bride,' allow yourself enough time and the assistance to plan your wedding. It's not too often that you find yourself putting on an event for a couple hundred people, so things can get overwhelming pretty fast! Everyone has some type of budget to stick to, and tempting as it may be to appoint aunt Jenny to be your wedding day coordinator, save yourself the time, stress and money by hiring people who do this for a living - professionals.

Happy planning!


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  • Raj Dharar

    As a multicultural wedding blogger, I definitely agree with these tips. Same as above, putting a modern twist on an old tradition makes it even more personal. Thanks for sharing :-)

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