Fingertip Length Mantilla

Fingertip length mantillas

A fingertip length mantilla is hard to come by. Typically, an authentic Spanish Mantilla is only available in a long, cathedral length. We work closely with our Spanish artisans to bring you both cathedral and floor length mantillas. The floor length (also known as chapel length) mantillas in our store, can easily be transformed into fingertip length. So, if you love the French Alencon Lace on our customer favorite, Marisol Mantilla or are obsessed with the darling details on the French scalloped lace, Juliana Mantilla, keep reading to see how they can be worn as fingertip length veils! As you know, all the mantillas in our store come with an attached comb. The comb on our two floor length veils are very delicately (yet securely) sewn to the underside of the lace. With a seam ripper, a professional seamstress can remove the comb and reposition it anywhere to your liking. If you'd like to wear a blusher, have the comb positioned in the center but 3/4 from the edge. This look will also give you a stunning 2-tier veil when the blusher is pulled back. For a fuller look, have the comb placed directly in the center of the veil, allowing both ends to meet. If you are interested in a fingertip length veil, our floor length mantillas can easily be transitioned into one. This is a service that is offered by many seamstresses and often times, will be offered as a discounted service if done by the same seamstress that made the alterations to your dress! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to helping you pick out the perfect mantilla for your wedding day! xo, Gloria

Fingertip length mantillas


The Marisol Mantilla shown as a fingertip length with blusher.


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