how to avoid overspending for your wedding

Between hiring professionals, renting a venue and feeding 50+ guests, sticking to your wedding budget can seem like a strenuous task. However, if you are diligent about spending within your budget, you will find that there are actually a lot of ways to save on what could otherwise be a very expensive day. Here are some money-saving tips to avoid over spending.

Choose your Non-Negotiables

Without a celebrity-sized wedding budget, you already know you'll have to cut back, but not on everything! If you really want the live band that was playing when you met your fiance to play at your wedding, go for it! Splurge on the band and spend less on somethings that are not as important to you.

D-I-T (Do it Together)

For the things that are not as important to you, skip hiring a professional and get a little help from your friends. If your best friend has beautiful handwriting, ask if she'd help address the invites. There are plenty of tutorials and videos online to help tackle any doubts you may have about a certain wedding DIY (I mean DIT!) project.

easy diy tips to avoid overspending for your wedding

Consider the Off Season

The most popular times to get married is in the spring and fall months. Many vendors  charge more during wedding season and less for events during the winter months. In addition to the off season, consider having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday for an extra budget-friendly boost!

Feature Herbs

When you consider the wedding party bouquets and boutonnieres, centerpieces and aisle adornments, the cost of flowers can quickly effect your wedding budget. A unique, affordable alternative is use less flowers and include more herbs. Along with smelling delightful, they look beautiful too!

herbs at fancy wedding ways to avoid overspending

Limit the Guest List

Perhaps the easiest way to avoid overspending for a wedding is to limit the guest list. Buying dinner and drinks for a room full of people can really add up! A larger head count will not only mean you spend more on food, but there will be additional costs to consider such as chair rentals and wedding favors.


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