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An English Wedding: Real Bride

This gorgeous English wedding is homey yet elegant and wrapped in sentiment and tradition. Real Bride Connie met her husband as a student in Bristol, England. They were next-door flat mates, and as most love stories go, the rest is history! Before reaching out to me, Connie was interested in the fingertip length Carolina Mantilla but was unsure if it was the right mantilla veil for her dress. We corresponded back and forth through email; as she was commuting home from work on the tube and I was just getting my day started. After she sent me pictures of her dress, I knew the Carolina Mantilla was the perfect choice for her! It's our most popular veil because it has...

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Cleveland Wedding: Real Bride

I rarely get to meet with my bridal clients in person but when I do, it is always a treat! I had so much fun helping this real bride find the perfect mantilla veil for her stunning lace dress. When I met with Amanda, she wasn't sure if she was going to wear a veil for her special day. I'm so glad she went for it! Nothing completes a bride's look quite like a veil. She chose the Carolina Mantilla which is made from french alencon lace. Her dress was also made from french alencon and although the laces were different designs, the lace trim on the mantilla is subtle enough to compliment many designs. Amanda chose to wear her...

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Cathedral Wedding in Oklahoma

 A little while back I had the pleasure of speaking with bride-to-be Misty who was looking to have one of our cathedral length veils rush shipped to her for her dress fitting. After a lovely phone call and quick email, the arrangement was made and her veil was out the door and on its way to her in Oklahoma, arriving promptly for her fitting. It was truly a pleasure getting to be a small part of her big day and I wanted to share with you the details of her gorgeous wedding! Misty opted for the Carolina Cathedral length mantilla and I think you will agree that it could not have been more perfect for her cathedral wedding! This Oklahoma...

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