Are mantillas only for religious ceremonies?

We get asked this question all the time: are mantilla veils only appropriate for religious ceremonies? The answer is, absolutely not! Although mantillas are a popular veil choice for Catholic ceremonies, they are a desired look for anyone bride seeking a timeless, lasting impression. Another FAQ we get from brides-to-be is whether a mantilla veil is fitting for a causal ceremony. A mantilla has a simple silhouette that is suitable for any formal or non-formal occasion. We have seen these beautiful lace veils at beach weddings, backyard weddings and barn weddings. Our philosophy is this: if it looks good with your dress, and you love the way you look and feel in it, wear it! We love mantilla wedding veils...

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Wedding Photobooths

{source} {source} {source} {source} Photobooths provide style and personality for your wedding. Not to mention, they will leave you and your guest with fantastic memories of your big day! They are a great way to get your guests mingling. Unfortunately, the cost of a photobooth vendor can be costly. Whether you are the crafty type or not, here are two ideas to create your own wedding photobooth experience! The Simple Approach: Both of these photobooth ideas require two things: a backdrop and a camera on a tripod. Create a simple backdrop by hanging a decorative piece of fabric to a wall. For outdoor weddings, hang the cloth from a clothing line or a stand. You could also drape a banner,...

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3 Tips from a Celebrity Wedding Planner

  Style Me Pretty's most recent Google hangout with celebrity wedding planner, Mindy Weiss delivered nothing short of fabulous! The talented industry expert shared creative and amazing ideas to implement on your wedding day. Her number one tip was to keep your guests in mind by implementing personalized details throughout your reception. Here are Mindy's top 3 ideas for making your guests feel comfortable throughout the night. 1. Phone Charging Station: Most guests are taking their pictures on their phones and uploading them to social media sites which can really drain a phone's battery. Providing a cell phone charging station at your reception is an excellent way to keep your guests' comfort level a priority. She suggests keeping cords hidden...

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