3 ways to wear a mantilla veil

  We love the timeless quality of a mantilla veil. Its delicate lace trim creates a sophisticated look that will provide you with classic photographs from your wedding day. However, deciding how to wear your mantilla can be an endeavor that many of us are perplexed by. Here are 3 simple, traditional and beautiful ways to wear a mantilla wedding veil on your big day! • Place the mantilla at the top of your head. This is undoubtedly the most traditional way to wear a mantilla. Wearing it in this way, allows the lace to gracefully draped over the shoulders, nicely framing the face. When wearing your mantilla this way, make sure the place the comb 2 inches back from...

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Are mantillas only for religious ceremonies?

We get asked this question all the time: are mantilla veils only appropriate for religious ceremonies? The answer is, absolutely not! Although mantillas are a popular veil choice for Catholic ceremonies, they are a desired look for anyone bride seeking a timeless, lasting impression. Another FAQ we get from brides-to-be is whether a mantilla veil is fitting for a causal ceremony. A mantilla has a simple silhouette that is suitable for any formal or non-formal occasion. We have seen these beautiful lace veils at beach weddings, backyard weddings and barn weddings. Our philosophy is this: if it looks good with your dress, and you love the way you look and feel in it, wear it! We love mantilla wedding veils...

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